Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Update - Egg Collection & Emrbyos

Sorry I haven't written in SO long.  We were over in Spain for collection and time just gets away from you when you are so consumed with all things IVF.

So I had 2 scans here before I went to Spain.  They showed growth was slightly slower than last time but they were happy with everything as it was going. 

We got to Spain on the Friday and we went straight to the clinic for a scan and bloodtest, same again on the Monday, Tuesday and Tuesday we found out collection would be Thursday.  As I was awake for my last collection, I knew it would be a possibility again but asked for extra sedation.  General Anestnetic costs €400 which we just couldnt afford.  Anyway the extra sedation this time worked an absolute treat and I conked out!  Woke up to hear they had collected 7 eggs! So we were happy with that.

We had a check up the next day and the Dr said they would like me to have another collection as 6 had fertilised, and they like to send at least 6 embryo biopsies off for PGS testing, but we just can't afford it.  We are beyond broke now and we have told them that this is our last go.

So after that, its sitting my the phone, waiting for updates from the clinic which is the worst part.  On day 2 we heard that 4 embryos were looking good, right cell number, no fragmentation.  Day 3 we had 3 embryos that looked good, right cell number and no fragmentation.  This made me so upset.  In Sept at our last collection on Day 3 we had 4 embryos and Day 5 we had 1 blastocyst, so I was so upset we were already down an embryo after taking the human growth hormone and the other tablets.  I was convinced they hadn't done any good, that we would be left with 0 by Day 5, praying for 1 blastocyst.

So finally on day 5 we found out that 2 embryos made it to blastocyst and day 6 another made it to blastocyst.  So we had 3 from this cycle, 4 in total. We couldnt believe it.  This cycle had been the most emotional one for the both of us.  I think its because we knew it was our final collection, we knew we had a lot riding on it, extra meds, extra worries, its just been so hard.  I think Ive been so strong the last year about it all but last week in work, those people who knew I was doing IVF, whenever they asked how it was going, I just broke down in tears.  I just was so worried we would get nothing from this cycle.

So now is another wait!  We found out today the biopsies have finally been sent off for testing, so we have to wait until the end of the month to see how many passed (praying for 2! ).  We will also get our treatment plan for transfer which will tell us what date its gonna be aswell, although I dont know if we will book anything until we know for certain something has pased

I hope if any of you are doing IVF, that it's all going well for you.  And if any of you are thinking about it and have any questions, ask away.  Im not an expert or anything in it, but I might be able to help out :)