Monday, August 22, 2016

Friend being supportive..?

I haven't written in a while as nothing has been happening to be honest.  I go to Spain for my first egg collection next week and Im just living for it.  I'm think of it as more of a holiday and forgetting about what I will actually be getting done... I dont need to worry about that just yet :)

Last week was a tough week.  A friend of mine, who knows we will be doing another round of IVF texted me to say she has wanted to tell me something for weeks... that she is 7 weeks pregnant.  Of course I was delighted for her, and we had all the chats about her pregnancy, how she found out, and when she is due, and how her little daughter will be a big sister next year :)  Then, she said to me, thanks for being so nice about it........... I was like - huh?? Its great news... no need to thank me, and she was like no, thanks for being nice and excited.... and Im like... so how else am I supposed to react?  I know she probably didnt mean it but it was like a kick in the stomach, that for some reason she had thought I would have been upset or angry for her... I don't know.  I told a couple of friends about this, cos it really got to me and their reactions were "why did she tell you at 7 weeks... why couldn't she wait until 12.  Was she rubbing your face in it?"  I hadn't seen it like that at all.  I had seen it as excitedness... which I will still believe it was. 

As anyone knows who is trying to get pregnant, hearing a pregnancy announcement is like a kick in the stomach, even though you are delighted for them, the ache you feel in your stomach hurts.

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