Thursday, July 28, 2016

Slowly moving forward

So we are 5 weeks away before we head to Spain for our first Egg Collection.  I had to get a scan here at a local clinic just to show spain what my lining was, and how many follicles I had.  I think thats just to show them on a standard cycle how things  look before I start any drugs.  I have to wait for 1 more period and then injections will start the end of August hopefully. 

It's such a long road sometimes.  There are days where the excitement is there and you just are so positive and so excited and you are wishing your life away until you get your collection, then transfer, and then that BFP you have always dreamed of.  Then there are days, and today is one of those days, where you just feel down.  Just exhausted from it.  Wondering if its actually ever gonna come around.  And when it does, will it work.

It can be so hard sometimes.

How do you all get through the tough times?

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