Monday, January 30, 2017

Little Update

So how is everyone doing?  I'm doing ok. I'm feeling the relief from not having any ivf hanging over me, focusing on when the next round of meds start, organising bloods, scans, calling pharmacys regarding meds, cancelling nights out to suit injections.  I feel I can breathe again in that respect.  But after that it's still hard.  I work with 13 girls so you can imagine how often babies and having babies come up (a LOT!)  One girl just went on maternity leave and as happy, and excited I am for her, I feel the hurt inside, that I will never get to experience that.  The girls talk about how they cant wait to settle down and have babies.  If only it was that easy.  And I'm sure for them it will be.  That's what also hurts. 

Myself and my hubby are still putting everything on the back burner and will see how things are in a year.  We are so focused to save for a deposit for a house, so we will see where our mind is by the end of the year and go from there, but please please please God we have a massive miracle and we get pregnant naturally... it's crazy! After 3 goes of IVF and not getting 1 embryo passing pgs testing, we still cling onto hope that it might, mayble, please God happen for us.  No matter how many knocks you get in the IVF process, you still just have to hold to some hope.  I'm not sure when that hope goes to be honest.

Would love to hear how everyone is doing, the stage of treatment you are all in


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