Thursday, October 13, 2016

And The Injections Start...

So on Monday, the Saizen (human growth hormone) started.  We had looked over the manual the week before to make sure we could use it so on Monday, with tears in my eyes, it was time to start again.  I felt a bit upset that it was already starting again, another injection, a new injection, would it hurt, would it be complicated, would I have side effects?

So we got everything ready, put the injector over my thigh.  A green light came on so I knew it was time to press the button so the injection happened.  And after all the worrying and stressing, it was fine.  It didnt hurt or anything.  The relief.  So I took the injector away from my skin, but the cap back on and pressed the button to release the needle so I could throw it away.  But of course, me being me, I didnt press the release button properly and the needle got stuck in the machine.... but nothing that some piers didnt fix! 

My hubby then surprised me with a gorgeous card and a bracelet so say good luck and here we go again, which was so sweet.  Please god this will work for us

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