Monday, October 10, 2016

And so it begins...

So tonight is the start of the Saizen injections which I keep taking until egg collection in November, so around the 25th November.  I just can't believe its here already.  Im excited but emotional.  Excited of course that this could be our answer and my follicles will grow better than ever and eggs will be better quality and we will have more embryos.

I'm emotional at starting the injections for another round of egg collection, and 7 weeks of injections every night.  Emotional at knowing this is our last collection ever.  Emotional at having to inject myself, every evening.  Emotional at life being different now in the evenings and having to be home by a certain time to get it done.  Emotional that its just all starting again.

Im sure after the 1st injection I will be relieved at how easy it is and all that, as its all pre mixed and its a special contraption for the injecting which is good.  Still though... I can't shake how emotional it all is

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