Monday, October 10, 2016

Kindness of Strangers

When you are going through IVF, you can't help but feel alone.  Not many people go through IVF so they don't understand, and even the odd person you know that has actually gone through IVF sometimes don't get it, as each process is different.  So you don't tell people, you keep it to yourself. It can feel very alone.

And then strangers come along and can be the kindest people ever that you never have met.  My mothers friend went to Lourdes and lit a candle for us and brought us back a candle too, and a prayer.  This woman never met me but was so thoughtful for her to do this, so I bawled.

Our chemist the first time was so lovely, and so helpful, and really helped us out with us having a foreign prescription and said if I needed any help or instructions with the meds to pop in and they can help, and I was on the verge of tears.  It was so nice.

And now today, I tweeted our airline to see if they are able to put certain meds into a fridge on board.  A girl I don't know tweeted me saying that she had a special bag I could use for the meds, if I wanted to use, which was so thoughtful.  It's all these big events through IVF that I think about and worry about and wonder what I will do and if things will work out, and then these amazing people come along and offer to help which is too sweet.  This twitter girl doesn't know all of this is for IVF, she is just being really nice, which I really appreciate.


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