Wednesday, July 13, 2016

This Too Shall Pass

So after hearing my colleagues pregnancy announcement, and of course dont get me wrong, I was absolutely thrilled for her, but it hurt.  The following day another girl I work with, who doesnt know about our IVF journey, asked me in a very patronising way, "ah, are you ok"? and I was like, yeah Im great, how are you....... (WTF) and she then starting saying how pregnancies in our department happen in 2s and I was like, well I better warn the girls....... Then I heard from another colleague that she was asking if I was ok, that I was very quiet when the announcement was said, which of course I wasnt.

THEN this girl brought up yesterday how they were all discussing baby names, and someone brought up my Dads name (which they know I want to call our baby if we have a boy) and I was just like COME ON!!!! And again today she brought up how it happens in 2s and who is next, looking at me, so I changed the subject.  Some people are just so inconsiderate.

I felt crappy the last 2 days.  Delighted for my friend but it still hurts.  Her pregnancy wasnt planned at all, they were trying NOT to get pregnant and had a slip up, which when doing IVF you forget that some people dont want to get pregnant and its a surprise for them.  My husband brought me out for dinner last night and I had a really fun morning with my sister today too, so that has given me a more positive outlook again, thank god, as I needed it!

Sometimes you just need to vent, and its ok to vent.  Its ok to feel that pang when you hear someone is pregnant.  Its ok to be upset.  Its ok to be sad that its not you.  But you do get over it. And you will become more positive and fingers crossed my turn will be soon


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