Friday, July 1, 2016

Step 1 - At Last!

Finally starting our Ivf journey.  Its still such a long road ahead of us, with our first egg collection in September, and our second one in November/Dec with our transfer in January/February 2017 but I cant think of it like that.  I can only focus on the now.  All of that will eventually come, as will our little baby :)

So I have started the pill about 2 weeks ago now. and so far so good.  I have never been on the pill before, so I honestly thought my hormones would be all over the place and I warned Hubby many times that if I wasnt myself, it wasn't my fault! But Ive been feeling grand thank god!

Also, as our clinic is in Spain and we dont live in Spain, I have had to arrange with another clinic to get ultrasounds done there when required and bloodtests.  It's the to-ing and frow-ing of clinics like that that can get frustrated as they can be slow, as its 4 weeks away, so they dont see the urgency, and they can just be very slow but all of that has finally been arranged. YAY!!

And we have booked our first set of flights to Spain for September too.  Having it abroad is actually a nice change.  It's so lovely to have a holiday to look forward to, which takes the focus and stress off the actual process, which is new to us.  We have been to Alicante in Spain a number of times on holiday, so it feels like our second home.  We are already planning what we will be doing while we are there, so I cant wait.

Then me being me, I figure out if I get the transfer in February, I could actually have a baby by October 2017!  Its so hard not to jump ahead like that :)

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