Thursday, June 9, 2016

My IVF Journey - Update

After our cycle in March didnt work out we took a break.  My husband decided to randomly contact IVF Spain for a chat about things.  They spoke with him for 40 minutes over the phone about us and our health and as we were in Spain in May for our holidays we decided to book a consultation with them.  Our consultation for our last cycle which failed was 40 minutes.  This consultation in Spain lasted 5 hours.  From the second we walked into the clinic we were both so impressed.

The clinic was so modern, clean, airy and relaxing.  Once we sat down the receptionist came over to us for paper to fill out but also an itineary for the day showing us who we would meet etc.  My husband gave a sample and after that we met our doctor. 

What I like about her is she is very straight.  She isnt telling us what she thinks we want to hear.  She is being very straight forward, blunt at times even, which is what we need to hear.  We need honesty.

While we chatted to her there was a knock on the door and my husbands results came in.  She then went into great detail for about an hour and a half explaining what our cycle would be like and how it would work, hand drawn diagrams, the works.  At no point did either of us feel rushed.  She took her time and explained everything to us.  Any questions we had she answered.

I also had an internal done.  This would never happen at home.  An appointment would be made and you would be waiting for weeks for it to come but no, it happened then and there and she saw the fibroid our last clinic saw and she said it could be nothing, but it also could be the reason why the last cycle didnt work.  I told her the last clinic had arranged an MRI for me which would happen once I got home and I said I would send out the results to her.  We had blood tests which we got the results while there too.

Currently now I am waiting for the MRI results, praying the fibroid isnt causing any issue and can stay where it is.  My old clinic have had the MRI report for nearly 2 weeks and have yet to call me about the results.  IVF Spain have had the results for 2 days and they will contact me before Satruday (another 2 days away) with the results.

So far the professionalism with IVF Spain and my last clinic is so different.  My advice to anyone going through IVF or thinking about it is to go with your gut.  If you dont feel good with your doctor that you are with, change.  If you have questions, ask.  I was very naive and just thought they knew best so just sat back and agreed with whatever they suggested.  Now after going through it all Im questioning them every step of the way.

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