Thursday, June 9, 2016

Saying The Wrong Thing

Unfortuantely its very difficult for people to actually understand IVF, physically and emotionally. 

I met a friend today and she asked how it was going.  Unfortunately me and this friend aren't that close anymore, so I have decided not to tell her when we are starting IVF or anything but thats a whole other story.  Anyway, she asked how things were going and I said we were taking a break until after the summer was finished , so we may look again into starting around September or October.  She asked if we have looked into other options, which I assumed she meant clinics, as our first round didnt work out and we werent happy.  So I said we kinda were but would look into it more in October.

She meant adoption.

Ive nothing against adoption at all.  But after a failed round of IVF and knowing we are gonna start it again, I need to hear positivity, not someone suggesting, whether she meant to or not, that its not gonna work out so look at adoption.

It kinda took me off guard, so I was like, well thats ages away, I want to see how the next few cycles go first.  Plus adoption can cost a lot of money and after the IVF I dont even know if we could afford it.  But I said, we will enjoy the summer and go from there.

She then said it was a good idea to have a break from IVF as it was good for our marriage as she has heard of a lot of couples who break up when IVF doesnt work out.

So not only will IVF not work, and I need to look into adoption, my marriage could break up!!!

I know she means well in her own way, but for me I need positivity.  I  need to hear, it will work out, this is your time, its gonna work out, keep positive, you will make an amazing parent.

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